Supporting Product Innovators

In order to achieve our ambitious collective goals of reducing or eliminating embodied carbon and turning the built environment into a carbon sink, we'll need many new material and product innovations. We see the opportunity for this to also drive scalable economic opportunities for green jobs and entrepreneurship in the Bay Area and surrounding regions.


Bringing a new product to market takes a village. CLF Bay Area plans to support by facilitating exposure of regionally sourced innovations - through profiles on this website and by hosting interdisciplinary conversations with product innovators and the communities that will need to adopt them: Architects, engineers, contractors, developers, local government, insurance, etc.

If you are a product innovator that would like to be featured, please complete this product innovators interest form.

If you are an architect, engineer, contractor, developer, etc. that would like to learn about new products being developed in our region, please complete this industry stakeholders interest form.