Green Buildings

Let's meet at

 Greenbuild 2022 

   San Francisco, CA   

You can find the full session schedule and details at Greenbuild's website, but we found some sessions you might like. You will probably see members of CLF SF at these sessions (see table below). If you are presenting yourself, let us know in the comments below.


Our own CLF hub leaders Miya Kitahara and Megan Kalsman are presenting on Thursday 11/3 at 11:30am Location: Room 301/302. Come see their talk about Local Policy Action Driving Embodied Carbon Reductions Across the United States.

You can also find some of us at the EXPO (1) CLF & Building Transparency booth 1839 and (2) CASBA booth 1129. See you there!



2022-10-26 16_05_09-Greenbuild 2022 - Event Map.png


We found some events & sessions you might like: