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Join your local CLF hub

Join CLF SF Bay Area mailing list to learn about local news and events.

Thanks for joining!

Also, please consider joining the CLF Community, an online forum for embodied carbon professionals.


To get on our Bay Area group list on the CLF Community, follow the instructions below.

Join the CLF Community Here

Once you register and get approved by a CLF administrator (this may take up to 24 hours), login to the CLF Community, navigate to our hub and request to join as shown below. You will then be able to participate in global CLF discussions and receive CLF SF messages, updates, and more.

  1. Hover over "Groups" on the top of the page

  2. Select "ALL Groups" in the dropdown menu, which will take you to the group and hub page as shown

  3. Scroll down and find "Hub: San Francisco" and click "Join"

  4. You are now part of the group

Join the Carbon Leadership Forum   Carbo

Other regional chapters include:

ECN Austin
ECN Australia
ECN Atlanta
ECN Bay Area
ECN Boston
ECN Calgary
ECN Chicago
ECN Hong Kong
ECN Pittsburg
ECN Portland
ECN Rocky Mountain (Denver/Boulder)
ECN Seattle
ECN Toronto
ECN Vancouver
ECN Yellowstone


If your region isn't listed above, you could start your own local chapter. Join the CLF forum and reach out to its organizers, they will help you get up and running.


CLF Community Forum

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