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CLF Regional Hubs

Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

Athena is North America’s leader in bringing the quantified environmental footprint science of LCA to the built environment. Their website provides some valuable resources, including:

•    A primer about embodied carbon
•    Updated explanation of the LCA credits in green building programs 
•    FAQs on whole-building LCA
•    A new downloadable briefing note on whole-building LCA and embodied carbon

American Center for Life Cycle Assessment

ACLCA is a non-profit membership organization that brings together diverse organizations with a stake in the implementation and application of LCA.


YouTube channel / recorded webinars

U.S. Department of Energy

Building Technology Office Life Cycle Impact Webinar Series

Endeavour Centre

Website - experiential education at the intersection of high-performance and natural building

For Manufacturers

System Comparisons

System Comparisons

The following studies have been conducted by firms and researchers around the globe, looking into the embodied carbon of various building systems. Over time, we plan to populate this with examples from the Bay Area.

2022-05-09 09_20_42-Kaleidoscope_ Embodied Carbon Design Tool - Payette.png
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