Carbon & Coffee

We are organizing a series called Carbon & Coffee to share and encourage company research on embodied carbon. Each company will have a chance to share what they have learned and contribute to a deeper understanding of low-carbon design. 
Earlier this year we sent out a survey to help us better understand who is interested in EC research, what resources you need, and what topics you would like to explore. This survey is now completed and we are happy to share some highlights. You can download our two-page summary here.

We look forward to kicking this series off in the first half of 2021 and encourage you to check back here for details later in the spring. If you would like to get involved, reach out to us at

Carbon & Coffee Survey Results Flyer_Pag
Carbon & Coffee Survey Results Flyer_Pag

Carbon Storing Building Challenge


Scaling bio-based building materials beyond specialty projects or custom homes is possible and promises healthier outcomes for people, ecosystems, and the climate. In order to test feasibility and potential benefits, a team of architects, builders, and engineers designed a prototype of a building that could realistically exist in Alameda County. 


See the Carbon Storing Challenge page for more information.


System Comparisons

The following studies have been conducted by firms and researchers around the globe, looking into the embodied carbon of various building systems. Over time, we plan to populate this with examples from the Bay Area.


Project Profiles

We plan to collect information on case studies from the Bay Area and share individual storie, strategies, and lessons learned here. For now, check out these great projects from elsewhere. If you have a project you would like to be featured here, let us know.